A Very Loose ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Year 2-3 Roadmap, Courtesy Of Patch 1.3

The original roadmap


Cyberpunk 2077 just released its big 1.3 patch, and players have been digging their way through 35-40 GB of files that rebuild many core aspects of the game, even if what’s changed on the outside isn’t all that major yet.

CDPR is doubling, if not tripling down on Cyberpunk 2077 at this point, that much is clear from the scale of these patches, but since the launch spooked them, they are not talking about really anything regarding the future of the game until it’s about to go live.

Fortunately, the files are doing some talking for us.

Patch 1.3 in particular has given us what I would call a very, very loose roadmap about what’s to come in year two, and potentially even year three of the Cyberpunk 2077. Six months ago you might have imagined this game was just going to be abandoned, but with 15+ million sales, they want more out of it, trying to fix both the game and their reputation.

So, here’s the “roadmap” I see now, based on the files from 1.3:

The Rest of Year 1: We have three free DLC packs down, and I don’t think its unreasonable to guess that the other 11 or so are going to make it out by the time December rolls around, the one year mark of the game. Given that the three that launched were pulled from a recent datamined list, we do know a lot of what’s coming, namely things like weapon packs and additional gigs, which should be more substantive than the jackets and car we just got.

One big question mark right now is the PS5 and Xbox Series X launch of the game, the next-gen version. According to existing roadmaps, this is supposed to arrive before the end of the year, but it was not spoken about or even hinted at at all in the recent livestream, and we still don’t have a date for it. While its possible it makes it out this year, I wouldn’t rule out that it might be pushed until 2022.

Cyberpunk 2077


Year 2: This is what the new 1.3 files tell us. CDPR has briefly spoken about a coming major, Witcher-style expansion to the game, but this is the first time the files are confirming that it’s not just one “episode” on the way, but two, similar to The Witcher 3. We do not know the size of these, whether they will correspond to the big Hearts of Stone and the truly enormous Blood and Wine like The Witcher 3, but we know that CDPR, right now, is sticking to that plan and is actively working on this content. Without question, I believe one or both of these will launch in 2022, though depending on the size and how things go with production, perhaps the second slips to 2023. Which brings us to…

Year 3: This is where we are getting very, very speculative, but as I said, it’s possible we don’t get a big second expansion DLC until the following year. But past that, the 1.3 files have indicated that CDPR has restarted development on some sort of multiplayer component to Cyberpunk 2077 after previously cancelling a standalone game, Cyberpunk Online. We don’t know what this means exactly, but my guess is more GTA Online style play rather than something more standard like co-op for the campaign (which is hard to see working given the first person nature of every interaction, including the cutscenes). My gut sense is that this is a long, long term project for Cyberpunk and Night City, and I would be surprised if we got some sort of grand multiplayer launch in year 2 as opposed to year 3. Again, I think CDPR has now confirmed they’re in this for the long haul when it comes to turning around the game and building it out to their original vision. And that vision included big DLCs and multiplayer. So here we are.

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