Camp Notebook: Burrow Tees Up Offense For A Show; How Tennis Balls And Old Film Have Ja'Marr Bouncing Back In The Chase


It could have been Burrow because he was slinging it like Seamless Joe slings it. But since we're talking receivers Monday, let's go with the 6-4, 220-pound Higgins, who when he gets out there looks like he's 6-7 and plays like he's 6-9.

"You," Burrow says, "can feel him."

Walters says by the time Higgins uses his entire wingspan to pluck a ball, he is about 6-9.

"He's confident. He has great burst off the ball," Walters says. "He uses his body well. He high points the ball. he's winning the 50-50 balls."

If Chase is looking to a guy, look at Higgins. Sure, Chase is the fifth pick in the draft, but Higgins didn't exactly come in under the radar last year as the top pick in the second round. There was more than some pressure there as Seamless Joe's running mate and the successor to A.J. Green, merely Higgins' idol.

"Once I got drafted there was a lot of hype. A lot of, he's coming here this and that. You have to block that out, too," Higgins said. "Too much can fill your head up and you go out there and not live up to what they're talking about and all the negativity comes. That's when you start playing badly and this and that. You just block out the negativity and the positive and just play your game."

Walters has been really impressed that with Higgins, "Everything he struggled with last year, he's improved that part of his game. He understands what he needs to do to get better. He attacks it each day and he gets a little better. With his wingspan, maybe he's a little bigger than 6-9. I tell him he needs to be a basketball player and going up and getting a rebound. He's taken that challenge and done a good job."

He can tell Chase there's one rookie drop he turned into good. It came in, of all games, his breakout in the third game of the season in Philadelphia when two of his five catches went for his first touchdowns.

But he remembers the deep ball in the fourth quarter that he couldn't bring in when it got batted away in a game the Bengals ended up tying.

"By me showing my hands too early, we tied when we could have won the game," Higgins said. "Ever since then I've looked at that, kept it in my mind so now I know how to show my hands late."

Higgins has been right on time.

"Ask Joe, ask the quarterbacks," Walters said. "He's a go-to guy."