Were Jessenia and Chris Dating Before Bachelor in Paradise?

Kay, so we can all agree that last night's episode of Bachelor in Paradise was utter chaos, right? Right. A ton of previously established relationships were put to the test—including Jessenia and Ivan's thanks to the arrival of Chris. This dude wasted no time inviting Jessenia on a (double) date, and made it clear he was interested in her from the start, saying "I’m 100 percent going to scoop her up and I can’t wait to do it."

These two definitely had a connection, and it turns out that yep: they've met before. In fact, Jessenia posted a polaroid photo of herself and Chris back when she was hanging in San Diego in May with a bunch of other Bachelor Nation stars.


Does that mean they were dating, though? Nope! Literally not at all! Everyone in Bachelor Nation knows each other—and given the fact that Bachelor in Paradise had to be delayed because of the pandemic, there was an even greater chance that people would meet IRL before the show. In fact, Katie Thurston was also part of Jessenia and Chris' San Diego hangout, and came to their defense when a follower wrote "I guess Ivan never actually stood a chance. Why did no one mention this on the beach the way they blew up Brendan and Pieper?"

In response, Katie said "because we were all JUST FRIENDS hanging out."


Anyway, Jessenia and Chris clearly have a connection, and she told him that there was "one thing missing" from her relationship with Ivan and that "It’s weird because you seem to fill that missing thing." She also told Ivan that "You fit so many boxes for me and it makes me really happy. I feel so comfortable with you, but there’s this spark I’ve been looking for and I’m not sure if it’s there yet. But with Chris, I feel that spark and I’m trying to figure out if he fills the boxes."

Guess we'll see what happens next week, but just one more time for everyone in the back: Jessenia and Chris were not dating pre-Paradise!

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