Sharon Stone's sister-in-law reeling from loss of her 11-month-old

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Sharon Stone's sister-in-law said 'her heart is shattered into a million pieces' by the sudden death of her 11-month-old son in a moving tribute to little River.

'God needed River in heaven,' Tasha Stone wrote on Facebook. 'My days will never be the same, and I have no idea how I am supposed to live my life without the sweetest boy in the universe. 

The tribute Monday was accompanied by a 55-second, tear-jerking video of a laughing and smiling River set to Eric Clapton's Tears In Heaven. 

'I can’t say more than I needed him here on Earth because my heart is shattered into a million pieces,' she wrote. 

River's mother Tasha revealed on Facebook last week that her son, who was born in September 2020, was in a coma after being airlifted to a hospital in Pittsburgh

 River was the youngest child of Stone's younger brother Patrick and his wife, Tasha, who live in Ohio with their three children.

Tasha Stone's full Facebook tribute to River after his death. 'I can’t say more than I needed him here on Earth because my heart is shattered into a million pieces,' she said

River was found unconscious in his crib late last week and died on August 30 after suffering total organ failure. 

'I am crushed. River William Stone you were loved beyond measure. Leaving your hospital room today was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I will ALWAYS love you my sweet baby boy,' wrote the anguished mom, who's married to the actress' brother.  

The Stone family hasn't shared any other information about what exactly happened to River - having only revealed on Friday that the youngster was suffering from 'total organ failure' and would need a 'miracle' to survive.

The actress was in Venice, Italy, when news of River's condition was revealed - however she returned to the US over the weekend, when she was pictured at JFK airport 

'My nephew and godson River Stone was found in his crib w[sic] total organ failure today. Please pray for him. We need a miracle,' the Basic Instinct star wrote at the time, while posting an image of River lying in a hospital bed and hooked up to numerous medical devices. 

River's mother Tasha also wrote an impassioned plea for prayers on her Facebook page last week, revealing that her son had been airlifted to UPMC Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh on Thursday. 

'This is the HARDEST thing I have ever had to post, but I am BEGGING everyone and anyone who prays please pray HARD for River,' the devastated mother wrote. 

'Every single second of this is literally killing me. I just want my sweet sweet boy back.' 

Although she did not share the cause of her son's condition, she said that doctors had told her River would 'never be the same' if he ever woke up from his coma. 

'The doctor said if he does pull through he will never be the same,' she continued. 'Please I am begging for prayers that my baby can be healed and come back with his family who love him so very much. I am beyond heartbroken.' 

Neither Tasha or Patrick have yet to comment on their son's tragic passing, and no details about the causes of his illness have been shared. 

There are a number of severe medical conditions that can lead to multiple organ failure in children, however the leading cause is sepsis, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information

Sepsis - which can be sparked by another infection in the body - is particularly dangerous for children, because the symptoms are more easily missed than they are in adult patients.   

Birth defects and other undiagnosed illness can also lead to pediatric organ failure however, and it is not yet known whether any of these conditions caused River's severe illness. has reached out to a spokesperson for Stone. 

Stone, who last year revealed that her grandmother had passed away from complications relating to COVID-19, was traveling in Italy when River was hospitalized  

Heart-wrenching: The 63-year-old actress shared a photo of the baby boy lying in a hospital bed in a tangle of wires and tubes last week while sharing a few details about his condition

Plea: Stone asked her fans and followers to pray for a miracle, explaining that he was suffering from total organ failure 

Tragedy: Sharon Stone has revealed that her 11-month-old nephew River has died just days after he was found in his crib with 'total organ failure'

UPMC Children's Hospital is one of the top ten pediatric hospitals in the country - and it implemented the world's first pediatric solid organ transplant programs. 

Stone was inundated with messages of condolences after sharing the news on Instagram however, with actress Selma Blair simply writing: 'I am so sorry. My lord.' 

Meanwhile Andie MacDowell offered her sympathy, commenting: 'I'm so sorry lord.' 

Will & Grace actor Sean Hayes added, 'I'm sitting here in tears. I'm so sorry, Sharon. What a beautiful boy. Sending all my love to you and your family.'

His former co-star Debra Messing also shared a note of sympathy for Stone and her family, writing: '...I am in disbelief. Oh Sharon, there are no words, other than I’m so sorry for your whole family’s loss. I am praying for all of you at this unimaginable time.'

Stone was traveling in Italy when she revealed the news of her nephew's devastating medical condition - having journeyed to Venice in order to take part in a photoshoot for Dolce & Gabbana - however she arrived back in the US over the weekend, when she was pictured landing at JFK airport in New York. 

River's passing comes amid a difficult time for the extended Stone family, which has seen several members dealing with serious health problems in recent months - including cases of COVID-19.   

Last year, a grief-stricken stone revealed that her 'adopted grandmother' Eileen Mitzman and her godmother had died from complications associated with the virus.  

Tasha, who is married to Stone's younger brother Patrick, said on Facebook that doctors had warned her River would 'never be the same' even if he pulled through his coma  

River was the youngest child of Sharon's brother, Patrick, and his wife, Tasha. The family live in Ohio with their three children

The actress's sister, Kelly, who has lupus, and her husband, Bruce, had also contracted the disease and were left 'fighting for their lives' before eventually recovering.  

While speaking about her sister's battle with the illness in an Instagram video shared in August 2020, Stone also shared that her mother, Dorothy, had suffered 'two heart attacks' in the five months leading up to her post - and had to have 'five stents', which help to open the arteries and prevent blockages in the heart - and a pacemaker as a result. 

It also appears as though River's mother Tasha has been struggling with health issues in recent months; comments left on her Facebook page in January suggest that she had to receive medical treatment that required her to spend time away from her family. 

At the time, the mother-of-three revealed that she had returned home - but that she had an IV port in her arm, and would be undergoing continued treatment with the help of a home help nurse for several weeks.

'I was able to come home with a power glide IV port in my arm so I can continue to receive treatments from a home health nurse at home for the next couple of weeks,' she wrote. 

'After that I will be switched to a pill form of the antibiotic. I am just thankful to be back with my family.'