‘Moderna’ misspelled on Illinois visitor’s alleged fake vaccination card

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Another visitor to Hawaii has been arrested for allegedly using a fake vaccine card to fly to the islands.

On the card was one major error that was a red flag for authorities: “Moderna” was misspelled as “Maderna,” court documents allege.

State investigators said they received a tip that 24-year-old Chloe Mrozak of Oak Lawn, Illinois may have uploaded the false documents under the state’s Safe Travels Program to bypass traveler quarantine rules.

Mrozak arrived on Oahu last week Monday on a Southwest flight.

Upon arrival, she left the airport before her hotel reservations were confirmed by screeners. Documents show that she listed a Holiday Inn Express in Waikiki as her place of stay.

Investigators checked with the hotel and they said there were no reservations under her name.

As Mrozak went about her trip on Oahu, investigators were gathering details over the alleged fake vaccine card.

The handwritten card listed Delaware as the location of vaccination.

‘Moderna’ misspelled on Illinois visitor’s alleged fake vaccination card
The fraudulent vaccine card in question was handwritten and had 'Maderna' instead of 'Moderna' written in for both doses.(Court Documents)

It claimed members of the National Guard there administered the shot, but when authorities checked her medical records with the state, there was no trace of her vaccination.

Investigators tracked her down when she returned to the Daniel K. Inouye international Airport for her departure flight on Saturday.

She was arrested and uttered to the officer that she got her vaccination from her doctor at her doctor’s office, and paid for the shot, documents say.

She was traveling with another woman who authorities did not arrest.

Mrozak is being held at OCCC accused of falsifying vaccination documents, which is a misdemeanor offense. Her bail has been set at $2,000.

This isn’t the first case of travelers allegedly using fake vaccine cards to get into Hawaii.

A Florida couple was arrested in early August for the same offense, along with a father and son from the mainland a few days prior.

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