Virgo King Jungkook Live-Composed a Song for Millions of ARMY

Some people ring in their birthday with a party, but BTS member Jungkook began his birthday celebrations by making a song out of the sweet messages fans sent him.

On September 1, Jungkook turned 24 (international age). The day before his birthday, he took to Weverse to share a selfie and ask fans to send birthday notes to him in the form of lyrics. In true Virgo fashion, the maknae of BTS spent the lead-up to his birthday on live-streaming platform Vlive making songs out of the beautiful messages sent to him in the presence of millions of fans. (At one point near the end, the Vlive counter — which tracks how many times people enter the video — reached more than 20 million.)

He did so in real time, using prepared instrumentals and riffing melodies on the fly. “For every day, I miss you/For every hour, I need you/For every minute, I feel you/For every second, I want you,” he sang, turning a fan’s letter into a chorus and then layering harmonies on top of it, before building out verses. And more songwriting was to come.

As if his live creating wasn’t enough, Jungkook also gave fans a mini-concert, performing BTS songs such as “Dimple,” “Pied Piper,” “2!3!,” the original version of “ Mic Drop,” “Spring Day,” “Sea,” “Home,” “Love Maze,” and more. He even sang “Paradise," which has never been performed by the group in the three years of its release even though it’s a fan favorite.

Naturally, fans flooded the internet to share birthday messages, appreciation for the songs Jungkook made on a whim, and excitement at a BTS member finally acknowledging the existence of “Paradise.” Meanwhile, Jungkook enjoyed not one but two birthday cakes, brought to him by fellow member J-Hope.

BTS are a group known for their incredible relationship with fans; Jungkook live-streaming the intricate process of choosing an instrumental, layering vocals, and making a song is right on brand with the ethos of the group. All we can hope is that some of this brainstorming will end up on his upcoming mixtape.

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