This meeting should have been an email, and now Calendar can prove it to you

No one likes meetings, but they're a necessary part of most jobs. Whether you're gathering in a board room or just dialing into a Zoom call, Google Calendar makes it easy to ensure everyone is on the same schedule. If you've been curious whether those endless strings of meetings really do take up your entire workday, a new update to Calendar makes it easy to manage and review exactly how your time is spent.

Google's new "Time Insights" mode is designed to help Workspace users view their daily routines, explicitly inspired by the switch to remote working over the last year and a half. With this feature, you can view a complete breakdown of your schedule, including working hours, time spent in meetings, and the number of people you spend most of your day around.

As far as data analysis goes, it's surprisingly deep, dividing meetings by amount of guests and highlighting the busiest day of the week. You can even compare current workweeks to past dates, allowing you to see how your schedule is fluctuating over time.

Time Insights is only visible to each individual, and specifically not to management. That should allow users to just how their day is being spent without involving bosses or other employees. However, if you manage other people's calendars and the "manage sharing access" permission is enabled, you'll be able to see those users' Time Insights as well.

This meeting should have been an email, and now  Calendar can prove it to you

What is this Google, a photo for ants?

This feature is coming to Google Workspace Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, and Nonprofits customers. It started appearing yesterday for admin users but may take up to fifteen days to show up for everyone. It's coming to end users on September 6 with the same fifteen-day rollout, and you'll need a computer to use it. Who knows — maybe Time Insights will finally convince your boss that, yes, that meeting can be an email.