Jalen Ramsey expects to move around extensively in 2021

Jalen Ramsey expects to move around extensively in 2021

Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey probably should be known moving forward as Rams defensive back Jalen Ramsey.

In 2021, the Rams will be moving Ramsey around each week, depending on the opponent.

“Last year was sprinkled in here and there, but this year it’s kind of no boundaries to where I may be during the game,” Ramsey told reporters on Friday. “I have no limits to a specific game plan. I don’t know where I’m going to be playing each week when I come in here Wednesdays and try to figure out the game plan. It might change Wednesday and Thursday. I don’t know. It might change on game day, I might be asked to do whatever, but I’m always going to be up for it.”

Sometimes it will happen during the game.

“Me and [defensive coordinator] Raheem [Morris] just talk to each other or sometimes if I feel like being in a certain position, I just tell [Darious Williams], ‘Let’s switch’ or ‘Let’s move’ or whatever the case may be. It’s just game plan.”

Ramsey said he’s starting to notice quarterbacks trying to figure out where he’ll be.

“There was a little bit of that going on,” he said regarding the Week One win over the Bears. “But they can never kind of figure out when I was moving, when I was going to be inside, outside wherever I was at during the game. And honestly, I’m right there with them because I don’t know, either. I don’t know either. So, yeah, that’s fun I guess.”

It’s fun, and it’s smart. Ramsey has the skills to be used everywhere. Why not do it? It keeps the offense guessing, and that extra moment of hesitation could be enough to make a play implode.