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A number of rumoured Battlefield features appear to have been confirmed by an EA survey.

According to Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson and others online, EA has been sending out a Battlefield survey about the next game in the series.

The survey, which we could not find online in full, gauges player interest in a number of features. More specifically, the survey discussed the potential for a battle pass, a free-to-play component, maps that get updated post launch, and Modern Warfare-style weapon blueprints.

This survey, as is often the case, doesn’t confirm which of those features are actually in the game, and which are being explored. Nevertheless, surveys like that are almost always made up of questions about existing features. Though the impetus appears to be getting player feedback on which features to implement, surveys are instead used to help publishers focus game marketing on the subjects players are most excited about.

This does not confirm what's coming to the game, but more often than not surveys like these are carried out to gauge the communities thoughts and the results can be used to determine when to announce features etc.

— Tom Henderson (@_Tom_Henderson_) March 26, 2021

Around the time of that survey news, business analyst Roberto Serrano posted a round-up of details about the next Battlefield game, collating various bits of info that have either leaked, or been inferred by players in recent months. Things like 128-player matches, enhanced destruction and a battle royale mode as the aforementioned free-to-play component.

In a first for DICE and EA, the official Battlefield Twitter account tagged the same tweet, and appeared to parody it, using the same Battlefield font and the original tweet’s presentation to instead talk about spaghetti.


– noodley– slippy– good with sauce– good with garlic bread– is spaghetti– can be used as decoration

– always available

*also available as pasta

— Battlefield (@Battlefield) March 26, 2021

It’s not clear what DICE had intended to achieve there, but it’s nevertheless very unusual.

EA has yet to reveal the next Battlefield, its name, or any of its biggest core mechanics. The publisher has said before, however, that it will bring an unprecedented scale of combat, and focus on the things Battlefield players love the most. Reports suggest the game is being unveiled in May ahead of a bigger reveal in June.

So far, alongside the main DICE studio in Sweden, the next Battlefield is also being worked on by DICE LA, and more recently, Criterion, who previously, of course, developed Battlefield 5’s ill-fated Firestorm battle royale mode.

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