Fullback will now feature in Satterfield's offense

South Carolina had some success offensively last Saturday against Tennessee when a play called for there to be a fullback on the field. It’s something that offensive coordinator Marcus Satterfield hadn’t really used and was far from a key part of the offense prior to last week.

Since the Gamecocks (3-3, 0-3) saw some bright spots in the run game as a whole with a fullback, most notably converted offensive lineman Trai Jones, that look should continue. Quarterback Luke Doty said it on Tuesday, and Satterfield made the declaration on Wednesday afternoon in his meeting with the media.

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Trai Jones, I thought he did a really nice job. He can move for a big guy, and he loves wearing 44,” Satterfield said.

“He got to take his knee braces off in practice and was flying around. He did a nice job. I think it’s a package we can continue to grow as the season goes on. It’s good to get Kevin Harris downhill, as we talked about last week, getting (the quarterback) under center and getting him going downhill.”

There isn’t a special reason behind the number that he’s aware of, says Satterfield, but noted that the players had a good time with it over the course of the last week.

While Jones didn’t get a carry, he helped open some holes for the running backs. Kevin Harris, who scored two touchdowns on the day against the Volunteers, had one of his better games of the season. Juju McDowell and MarShawn Lloyd had some production as well. The 3.73 yards per carry average, which is certainly nothing to boast over, was the second-highest total for the Gamecocks this season, being trumped only by the 5.40 yards per carry against Eastern Illinois in the season-opener.

“We got Trai Jones in there last week and he did a really good job on Saturday and all week," Doty said. "That’s something we’re going to keep working at, keep getting comfortable with. It worked out pretty well for us on Saturday. It’s something we’re going to keep working at, and we’re definitely going to see more of that.”

There isn’t a lot that has gone right for the Gamecocks offensively so far this season. The team ranks in the bottom third of the league in most offensive categories, including 13th in the all-important scoring column.

There were some things that went right for the Gamecocks offensively against the Volunteers, including the use of a fullback in helping out the run game. And that plan seems to be here to stay.