Killer Mike Defends Meek Mill's "Expensive Pain" Cover Against Critics: "It's Art"

As he was enjoying the first weeks of his album's release, Meek Mill found that his latest album had become a trending topic. The Philadelphia rapper recently delivered Expensive Pain, and as critics have been peeling back the layers of his bars, the album's cover art was being debated on social media. 

The cover to Expensive Pain was created by a Black artist named Nina Chanel Abney, but many complained that the imagery was degrading to Black women. It featured drawn depictions of nude Black women bent over in seductive positions, and the public came down on Meek for allegedly perpetuating ideals that paint Black women in a negative light.

Others, however, defended the cover against naysayers, arguing that people were looking for something to be offended by. Killer Mike retweeted the artwork along with a question posed by Dr. Boyce Watkins: "Should they have this on the side of a city bus that can be seen by children?" The Atlanta music icon gave his thoughts on the controversy.

"It's art. Absolutely," he said. "We as a society see naked humans in art in museums. We should also be cultured enough as adults & parents to have a convo about nudity & art with our children. I say this as a parent, rapper & a High Museum of ART Board member. Love & Respect Doc." Check it out below.