ResetEra gaming forum sold for $4.5 million

ResetEra, one of the biggest online gaming and community forums, has been acquired by MOBA Network for $4.55 million. No changes to the forum's operational and moderating teams will be made.

ResetEra gaming forum sold for $4.5 million

$3.55 million of that has been paid in cash, and the remaining $1 million will be paid by December 31. ResetEra makes money through ad sales, and subscriptions to remove said ads. According to the press release announcing the acquisition, the business made $700,000 in sales over the last year.

MOBA Network is looking to introduce new ad formats, and up the share of direct ad sales, with an eye on massive growth in 2022.

ResetEra is publically accessible by anyone, but places big restrictions on new memberships. It only has around 55,000 members, but 45 million forum posts from its engaged community. These membership requirements will remain.

MOBA Network is a Swedish media company that owns a number of websites and online communities, including,,,, and a few others. It also runs a YouTube network - Union For Gamers (UFG) - which manages over 1,000 creators.

ResetEra was established in 2017 as the new home of NeoGaf members, previously one of the biggest gaming forums in the world. Sexual misconduct allegations against its owner kicked off a mass exodus, with many of NeoGaf's core members leaving to establish ResetEra, with an emphasis diversity and inclusivity.