switching to continuous scrolling for mobile Search results

Following the bigger Android and iOS redesign in January, Google Search will soon adopt continuous scrolling on the mobile web.

Quite simply, there will no longer be a “See more” button once you reach the bottom of the page. That said, you’ll continue to see the list of “Related searches” on the first “page”/initial set of results:

Now, when you reach the bottom of a search results page on your phone, the next set of results will automatically load with relevant information.

Google says this will make for a “more seamless and intuitive” experience that overall matches other feeds on mobile. The company also notes how “most people who want additional information tend to browse up to four pages of search results.”

For example, for broader, more open-ended questions like “What can I do with pumpkins?” you may want to consider more results and inspiration before deciding how to move forward. Scrolling through a wider range of results may show you tons of options you hadn’t considered, like no-carve pumpkin decor ideas for Halloween, pumpkin seed recipes that make your pumpkin worth carving and more ideas for how to make the most out of your gourd.

Continuous scrolling on google.com is gradually rolling out today for “most English searches on mobile in the U.S.” The desktop Search redesign, meanwhile, remains unchanged.

 switching to continuous scrolling for mobile Search results

 switching to continuous scrolling for mobile Search results

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