What’s Your Wedding Like When Your Parents Are Billionaires?

What’s Your Wedding Like When Your Parents Are Billionaires?

Jennifer Gates, daughter of Melinda and Bill Gates, is getting married this weekend. Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

Jennifer Gates, the eldest of Bill and Melinda Gates’s three children, is getting married this weekend. (It appears both parents will be in attendance despite getting divorced this year.) Earlier this week, Jennifer and Melinda stayed at the Plaza Hotel while getting ready for the ceremony, with Jennifer in all white and a security detail in tow. When preparation involves a stay at the Plaza, it begs the obvious next question: What does your wedding look like when your parents are among the wealthiest people in the world? In short, extravagant.

Both Jennifer and her fiancé, Nayel Nassar, who got engaged in January 2020, are decorated equestrians. (Nassar, who is rumored to also come from significant wealth, represented Egypt in the Tokyo Olympics over the summer.) So it’s fitting the two will be getting married at Jennifer’s horse farm in North Salem, New York, according to the New York Post. Of course, this isn’t just any old horse farm. It’s the 124-acre, $16 million estate that Jennifer’s parents gifted her after she graduated from Stanford in 2016. The estate’s former owner was an heir to the person who founded Target.

That’s just the beginning of what will certainly be reminiscent of a royal wedding. Over the past two weeks, per the Post, staff members have been constructing massive pavilions complete with floor-to-ceiling glass windows on the estate’s lawn. They also appear to be building a large stage on which the ceremony will presumably take place. In fact, these wedding-specific structures are so large they’ve required semitrucks to deliver materials.

As you might suspect, such major construction isn’t exactly quiet. So, as you also might suspect, some neighbors haven’t been too happy about the noise. However, as one neighbor told the Post, the couple sent staffers to deliver cards, wine, and restaurant gift certificates as an apology-slash-thank-you to people in their neighborhood for putting up with the wedding construction.

A source told the Daily Mail that the wedding will cost “at least $2 million,” which is a pittance in comparison to actual royal weddings, which have cost upwards of $70 million. Still, that’s nearly ten times more than what the average wedding currently costs. There aren’t many more details on the wedding itself, though we do know Jennifer’s bachelorette party took place at the Rosewood Miramar Beach hotel in California, where rooms average $1,500 to $3,300 per night.

So I leave you with more questions than answers: Will there be extravagant gift bags for guests? Do they have a gift registry, and what did they put on it? What do you even get for the child of a billionaire??

What’s Your Wedding Like When Your Parents Are Billionaires?