Frost Hits: 'Everything we've got will be poured into this one'

Husker head coach Scott Frost believes one of the reasons his team has done well at hitting the reset button after some soul-aching losses is the peer leadership has evolved within his program.

"We've got the best leadership we've had," Frost said during his brief Thursday meeting with the media, prior to the team heading to Minnesota for Saturday's 11 a.m. kickoff. "Damion is doing a great job. Austin's doing a great job. Adrian's doing a great job. Deontai. All the guys that you'd expect are doing a great job and keeping everyone up."

Frost thinks co-captain Cam Taylor-Britt is also coming off his best game, after letting the game come more his way.

"Football comes to you. You don't go make things happen. It doesn't work that way. You've got to be where you're supposed to be, doing what you're supposed to do and if you're a good player, big plays happen. I thought he did a good job of that last week."

Frost said he hasn't seen a fall-off from this team in preparation this week.

"They go to work the same way every week. They know they basically have three days left and then they get a break. So everything we've got will be poured into this one."

Some other Hits:

– What has made Minnesota's run game generally successful under P.J. Fleck? "They don't do a whole lot of things, they're just good at what they do. They've had some really big guys up front. They've had some great backs and some answers off the run. Our defense has got to be ready to do the best they can against the run, and make sure to give them anything tricky or new."

– Bryce Benhart is back as the man at right tackle. "He's ready. I'm sure he's excited for it," Frost said.

He added that the Gopher defense is "really sound" on film study. "The last couple years they've really packed the box and made it really tough on us to run it. So we've got to do a good job coming off the ball and creating things, and trying to get things on their secondary."

– Cornerback Quinton Newsome earned his blackshirt because he's another guy doing his job as he's asked.  "People challenged him a lot early on and he's been playing tough, and coming up and hitting. He wasn't given the blackshirt, he earned it."

Frost said he expects even more from Newsome moving forward in his Husker career. "I think they were attacking him more in the run game than the pass game early in the season. He's been doing a good job of both phases. What we really wanted to see was him come up and strike and he's doing a good job there."

– Nebraska's already playing its fourth road game here in mid-October. Despite knocking on the door, the Huskers are 0-3 away from Lincoln.

"Yeah, we got to try to win one on the road. We've had a lot of away games. Haven't been here much. Look forward to being here more with the fans that we have and the environment we have right now. The guys are used to being on the road and we've played some good teams on the road. It's another one, another big challenge."