WWE News & Rumor Roundup - Becky Lynch breaks character, Free agent offers to help Brock Lesnar, New word added to banned list, Unlikely star to get singles push (22nd October 2021)

Welcome back to another edition of our daily WWE News & Roundup, and today's lineup comes in the aftermath of a pleasantly brilliant Crown Jewel pay-per-view.

Becky Lynch broke character and released an excellent post following the well-received Saudi Arabia show. Elsewhere, a forgotten free agent offered to help Brock Lesnar after The Beast Incarnate's loss to Roman Reigns. We've also briefly touched upon significant storyline developments from SmackDown after Crown Jewel.

This week, Vince McMahon's list of banned words reportedly made a fresh addition as commentators were explicitly told not to say a particular word.

Backstage details regarding WWE's interesting plans for Hit Row have also come to light, and it seems like an unlikely superstar could be in line for a singles push.

We also have a comprehensive backstage report on the reactions to AEW's recent head-to-head battle with SmackDown. The roundup ends with a significant health update on "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan.

It's a stacked WWE News & Rumor Roundup as always, and here's what we have for you today:

#6 Becky Lynch breaks character in Instagram post after WWE Crown Jewel

Becky Lynch had a night to remember at Crown Jewel, but the entire event meant a lot more to The Man than just a title defense. The Irish superstar took to Instagram immediately after Crown Jewel to post a heartfelt message.

Becky Lynch explained that she was keeping her character aside for a moment and first thanked her Crown Jewel opponents Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair. Lynch then appreciated the vocal Saudi Arabia crowd for being supportive throughout the Triple Threat match.

Becky also had gratitude for the women who wrestled at previous Saudi Arabia pay-per-views. Last but certainly not the least, Lynch credited WWE producer T.J. Wilson, aka Tyson Kidd, for being the driving force in improving how women competed in the company.

Here's what Becky Lynch posted:

"Tonight was about so much more than a title. I'll set aside my usual trash talk tonight . Thank you to the women I shared the ring with tonight. You push me to do better. Thank you to the fans watching at home. Thank you to the incredible fans in Riyadh tonight who cheered so ferociously throughout our whole match and making this first trip to Saudi Arabia so memorable and inspiring so much hope for the future of women around the world. Thank you to the women who have laid the path for us to do what we do. Congratulations to the first Queen of the ring winner @theatrinidad And thank you to @tjwilson711 for being one of greatest minds the wrestling business has and collaborating with us to make magic. I'll go back to hating everyone tomorrow and wanting to slap heads. But tonight I want to say thank you #Andstill," wrote Becky Lynch.

As seen on SmackDown, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair traded their respective women's Titles, and Lynch will now return to Monday Night RAW with the Championship she relinquished more than a year ago.

#5 WWE Free agent offers to help Brock Lesnar after Crown Jewel

WWE News & Rumor Roundup - Becky Lynch breaks character, Free agent offers to help Brock Lesnar, New word added to banned list, Unlikely star to get singles push (22nd October 2021)

Brock Lesnar was predictably cheated out of a win at Crown Jewel, and The Beast Incarnate received support from an unlikely superstar after the event.

Former RETRIBUTION member Shane Thorne posted an epic tweet in which he promised to have Brock Lesnar's back.

Shane Thorne, fka Slapjack, has been away from WWE TV since the company disbanded RETRIBUTION, and he was one of many free agents following the recent Draft. You can check out Shane Thorne's tweet below:

"Dam! Don't worry @BrockLesnar mate next time I got your back! #FreeAgents," tweeted Shane Thorne.

Thorne might not have a creative direction in WWE, but the Australian star certainly knows a thing or two about getting some attention on social media.

As for Brock Lesnar, the former WWE champion, was slapped with an indefinite suspension on Smackdown after Crown Jewel for attacking Adam Pearce. You can read all about it right here. Moving on with the roundup...

Edited by Alan John