Regional airline SkyWest canceled over a thousand flights

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U.S. regional airline SkyWest canceled over a thousand flights between Thursday and Friday due to an 'internal technical issue'.

SkyWest -which is in partnership with airlines such as United, Delta, American and Alaska - had suffered a system outage that canceled 700 flights on Thursday and another 500 on Friday.

The five-hour outage left passengers stranded at various airports, either from cancellations or delays, and grounded planes as well as flight crews.

Passengers traveling with the regional airline have been advised to check the status of their flight in advance in case of a cancellation or delay. 

US regional airline SkyWest canceled over a thousand flights between Thursday and Friday due to a system outage 

The five hour Thursday outage had caused 700 flights to be canceled that day and another 500 on Friday 

'While our servers were restored Thursday evening, we are still experiencing operational disruption as we work to get crew and aircraft into position, with approximately 500 flights cancelled Friday,' SkyWest said in a statement. 

'We apologize to customers for the inconvenience and remain focused on efforts to return to normal operations as quickly as possible.'

The airlines in partnership with SkyWest have continued to be forced to cancel and delay flights.  

The Utah-based carrier makes about 2,300 daily departures between the other airlines and travels to 236 destinations around the continent, according to their site.

Passengers were left stranded at airports across the country due to the delays and cancellations

American Airlines told USA Today that 170 flights were affected on Thursday and 50 thus far on Friday as they continued to work on rebooking passenger's flights and finding hotel accommodations for them.

Alaska Airlines also told the network that 80 of their flights were cancelled and 53 more on Friday.

In response to the delays and cancellations, Delta released a statement of their own to apologize to passengers.

'Our technical teams engaged with SkyWest IT to resolve the issue and minimize the impact on our customers,' the statement read.

'We are working with customers directly to accommodate them to their destination as soon as possible and apologize for the inconvenience.'

Angry passengers took to Twitter in anger of the delays and cancellations

It didn't take long for passengers to go on a Twitter tirade in anger over the situation.

 '7 hours waiting only to be cancelled after being told flight was available, one user wrote. 'Unbelievably terrible service.'

'Booked a flight for a last minute trip to New Jersey for my grandpa's funeral and saw this alert on the @united app,' another wrote. 'Please tell me this will be fixed by tomorrow morning. Are we going to have a #Southwest situation here?'

'Thanks @SkyWestAirlines for the cancelled flight today,' another wrote. 'Your server outage put your airline out of business today & cost me over $4,200 in lost income. 

'Pretty stupid of u to have a single point of failure like that. I have 1 pissed off client, you have thousands #skywest.'     

According to their website, SkyWest makes about 2,300 daily departures to 236 North American destinations

This is not the first U.S. airline incident that has recently occurred.

Southwest Airlines had cancelled more than 2,000 flights over the Columbus Day weekend due to a combination of inclement weather, staff shortages and issues with air traffic control.

The combination of delays and cancellations between October 8 and October 13 had cost the airline $75 million.