Krewe of BOO! parade route shortened for lack of police

Folks who hoped to watch the Krewe of BOO! Halloween parade on Canal Street in New Orleans on Saturday night must find another viewing spot, because that portion of the route has been lopped off. A City Hall spokesperson said Friday afternoon the parade was shortened because of a lack of available police officers.

The Krewe of BOO! will be the city’s first float parade in 18 months, because the COVID-19 pandemic curtailed Carnival 2021. The New Orleans Health Department and Louisiana Department of Health plan to conduct a coronavirus study during and the parade. If the parade does not precipitate a spike in COVID infections, New Orleans likely will move forward with the 2022 Mardi Gras season.

The krewe ordinarily hires scores of police officers to ensure public safety its parade, but BOO! captain Brian Kern said that in the past few days it became clear there weren’t enough for the entire trek.

Kern said he was disappointed the parade can’t roll on its full route, as the riders and spectators expected. He said he also fears that the lack of police could affect the return of parades next year. “This needs to be resolved before Carnival,” he said.

The truncation of the Krewe of BOO! came just days after Mayor LaToya Cantrell disclosed that her administration is considering consolidating the routes of all 2022 Carnival parades due to staffing shortages.

Mayor LaToya Cantrell is considering a requirement that would have all Carnival parades follow a single St. Charles Avenue route in 2022, due …

There’s a suspension-slamming pothole in Lakeview that’s haunted by an umbrella-bearing ghost second-lining among the traffic cones.

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