JD Vance under fire for ‘callous’ tweet after Alec Baldwin set shooting

Author and Republican Senate candidate JD Vance has come under fire for a “callous” tweet seeking Donald Trump’s reaction to Alec Baldwin’s fatal on-set shooting in New Mexico.

Baldwin was filming his forthcoming movie Rust on Thursday when he discharged a prop gun, killing director of photography Halyna Hutchins and wounding director Joel Souza.

Vance referenced the incident in a tweet on Friday after Baldwin broke his silence to say his “heart is broken.”

“Dear @jack let Trump back on. We need Alec Baldwin tweets,” Vance wrote, tagging Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

The post drew outrage from critics accusing Vance of exploiting the tragedy to curry favour with Trump, who has a long-standing rivalry with Baldwin.

Actor Michael McKean led the backlash against Vance, tweeting: “Um ... you’re coming across as a piece of [expletive]. Is that what you were going for?”

The West Wing star Bradley Whitford replied to Vance: “You are the inversion of the values of Jesus Christ.”

Ohio Rep Tim Ryan, Vance’s potential Democratic opponent in the 2022 election, tweeted: “Someone died, you [expletive].”

You are the inversion of the values of Jesus Christ.

— Bradley Whitford (@BradleyWhitford) October 22, 2021

Lincoln Project adviser Fred Wellman chimed in: “Someone died and you think it’s funny. Just pathetic.”

Comedian and podcaster Mohanad Elshieky added: “You’re an energy vampire.”

Vance’s tweet came three months after he admitted that he would have to “suck it up” and support Trump if he wanted any chance of winning the Republican primary next year.

The Hillbilly Elegy author made the comments to Time magazine after being criticised for changing his tune about Trump, whom he’d called “reprehensible” in 2016 before sharing a more positive view upon announcing his Senate race.

Trump and Baldwin traded barbs online and in the media throughout his presidency, during which the actor portrayed the politician on Saturday Night Live.