Far Cry 6: 10 Reasons The Haters Are Wrong

It is fair to say that most games released by Ubisoft are, well...divisive. They catch a lot of heat for pumping out game after game that follow a formula, sometimes re-using assets, and for trying to be "edgy" with their storylines through reflecting real-world events.

Far Cry 6 is no different. Since its release, gamers have been lining up on opposite sides, squaring off - is the game a success or a piece of crap?

This article falls firmly on the side of success.

It's easy to argue that this is the best Far Cry game yet. The world is massive, the toys you have at your disposal are great to play with, there are new features not seen in any previous games, and the story and characters are compelling, well-acted, and easy to care about.

Is it a perfect game? No, but few are, and this article comes to praise Far Cry 6, not bury it.

If you've been holding off playing, or even if you tried the game and immediately popped the disc out, here are ten reasons to give Far Cry 6 a go.

Ubisoft games have, in recent years, done a fairly good job at making their games accessible and normalized for all gamers. Far Cry 6, however, is currently the peak of this concept, and the options presented to make FC6 a game that everyone can enjoy are remarkable.

The game's first menu opens with menu narration enabled as the default. It can be easily turned off, but the default being for maximum accessibility is nice.

From there, you can launch into a dizzying array of settings - colour selection for those with visual disabilities (which also allow for some great gaming options like red outlines on enemies and white outlines on collectibles), aim and movement assistance, modes where stick clicks aren't necessary (for those with mobility issues), on-screen keyboards, and a multitude of others.

Ubisofts allows for changes to presets in Hearing, Visual, Cognitive, Motion, and Motor skills, each of which breaks down into multiple subsets. While this could be complex, the UI is easy to navigate on either console or PC.

The great thing is that many of these accessibility tools can become useful and fun integral parts of the game. Getting frustrated with being ambushed? Turn on directional subtitles to get sounds and distance around you. Missing out on collectibles? Go into the colour options and play with the outline colours so you can scoop up all that sweet loot.

Ubisoft did inclusion right in FC6.