"There's a formula" - CM Punk reveals what would have happened if he had returned to WWE

CM Punk recently spoke to NYC radio host Josh Martinez and revealed how WWE would have booked his return had he chosen Vince McMahon's company over AEW.

Punk said that WWE follows a formula with returning superstars, and he wasn't a big fan of the company's stale methods. The AEW star explained that WWE usually gets a big name back at Royal Rumble, which would lead to a major WrestleMania match.

CM Punk cited Batista's example and noted how The Animal returned to win the Royal Rumble before main eventing WrestleMania. Punk even mentioned Edge's comeback story and highlighted a similar pattern regarding WWE's booking.

Punk added that he had already gotten fed up with WWE's plans ten years ago and had no intention of experiencing the company's unoriginal approach in 2021.

"There's a formula" - CM Punk reveals what would have happened if he had returned to WWE
"I literally want to wrestle everybody, but I'm telling a specific story here of coming back, kind of restarting, rekindling my love for pro wrestling. If I went back to WWE, what would I do? There's a formula. There's a track record and a formula. This is what they do. Batista comes back; he wins the Royal Rumble, he main events WrestleMania. Edge comes back. He's in the Royal Rumble. I think he was in it twice. "He might have won; I don't know. He goes on the main event, WrestleMania. There's a formula, and I was bored of that s**t 10 years ago, so I'm bored of it now," explained Punk.

I'm telling the stories that I want to tell: CM Punk

CM Punk is glad that he can finally tell the stories he genuinely wants to experience and feels like AEW is the perfect platform for him.

Punk is back in wrestling for the fans, and the Straight Edge Superstar added that he wouldn't hesitate to call it quits again if he stops having fun on the job.

"I understand people saying that they don't like certain things and all that, then it's not for you. I get it. Like I said, I'm there for the fans in the building. I'm telling the stories that I want to tell, and I'm having fun doing it. You'll know when it's not fun for me because I won't do it," Punk added. (H/t WrestlingInc)

CM Punk has kicked off his AEW run in fine fashion as he is currently 5-0 at the company, but the former WWE star is still waiting for his first major feud.

As seen in the latest Dynamite episode, AEW teased a mouthwatering program between Eddie Kingston and CM Punk, and veteran Dutch Mantell revealed why he liked the segment on Sportskeeda's Wrestling Smack Talk. You can read more about it here.

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