The top 10 horror movies with the most jump scares recorded to watch right now

Halloween may official be over for another year, but for horror fanatics – does the witching hour ever really end?

From slashers to exorcisms, body horror to the zombies, found footage and all in between, horror films are a big part of cinema history, as directors look to satisfy people’s innate desire to be terror-stricken each and every year.

However, which movies are likely to make you jump the most?

To get you thrilled – and chilled - to the bone, has compiled a list of the scariest horror films which are most likely to see you jump, scream and spine-chills throughout.

Without further ado, here are the 10 films with the most jumps scares recorded, utilising database Where’s The Jump. Be afraid, be very afraid.

The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia is far and wide the most 'jumpy' horror movie ever made with 32 jump scares to enjoy throughout the film. Set in 1993. Andy and Lisa Wyrick, along with their daughter Heidi, move into a rural home after receiving a deal from the bank.

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Groovy! Ash Williams should have never opened the book of the dead - but we are so glad he did. Evil Dead comes in at number two with 27 jump scares. If you haven't seen it already, get it watched this Halloween. A classic.

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His second entry in the top three, Sam Raimi is the master of jump scares. Kirsten Stewart shrugs off her Twilight role by taking on this role in a film that begins with a terrified mother packing to flee when an unseen attacker kills the whole family. There's 27 jump scares to keep you on your toes.

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If the sequel holds the record the amount of jump scares in one movie, it makes sense the original has a few too - and it does, 26 to be exact. The Haunting In Connecticut is rated highly than its sequel too.

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