‘Joker’ maniac in Tokyo train attack was suicidal after he ‘messed up at work’

The knife-wielding maniac dressed as the Joker who went on a rampage on a Japanese train Sunday told police he hoped to get the death penalty because he’d “messed up at work,” according to a report.

“I wanted to die,” Kyota Hattori, 24, told cops of the 8 p.m. attack that left 17 people injured — and ended with now-viral footage of him calmly sitting cross-legged and smoking a cigarette on the Tokyo train he’d also partially set on fire.

“I messed up at work around June and wasn’t getting along with friends,” Hattori explained to police, according to the Japan News, which did not elaborate on what had happened.

“I thought that if I killed two or more people, I would get the death penalty. It didn’t matter who they were,” he allegedly confessed.

Hattori said he sprayed pesticide into the eyes of a 72-year-old man who was next to him on the express train — then tried to kill him by stabbing him in the chest with a 12-inch knife, the report said.

‘Joker’ maniac in Tokyo train attack was suicidal after he ‘messed up at work’
Kyota Hattori confessed to the crimes, saying that he “wanted to die” and thought that murdering a few people would get him the death penalty.
‘Joker’ maniac in Tokyo train attack was suicidal after he ‘messed up at work’
Japanese police investigate the scene where a man dressed as the Joker attacked several people onboard a train.
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He confessed to wanting to kill the man, who is in critical condition after the knife pierced his lung, the paper said.

He then moved to another car, where he spread lighter fluid and set seats and the surroundings on fire, with most of the 16 other injuries coming from smoke inhalation, officials said.

Hattori confessed to being inspired by an earlier Tokyo train attack in which 10 people were injured in August, noting how the cooking oil used that time did not spread.

‘Joker’ maniac in Tokyo train attack was suicidal after he ‘messed up at work’
According to police, the man sprayed pesticide in a 72-year-old man’s eyes and stabbed him with a 12-inch knife.

“Looking at the Odakyu Line train case in August, I targeted an express train which would have more passengers and used cigarette lighter fluid,” Hattori told police, the Tokyo News said.

Hattori is still being investigated on suspicion of attempted murder, the Tokyo metropolitan police department said Monday.

While shooting deaths are rare in Japan, the country has had a series of high-profile knife killings in recent years.

‘Joker’ maniac in Tokyo train attack was suicidal after he ‘messed up at work’
Video shows people scrambling for safety after the attacker used lighter fluid to set a train car ablaze.

In 2019, a man carrying two knives attacked a group of schoolgirls waiting at a bus stop just outside Tokyo, killing two people and injuring 17 before killing himself. In 2016, a former employee at a home for the disabled killed 19 people and injured more than 20.

The August train attack that allegedly inspired Sunday’s spree came the day before the Tokyo Olympics closing ceremony. A 36-year-old man stabbed 10 commuters, later telling police that he wanted to attack women who looked happy.

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