2 best Celtics trades for disgruntled Sixers star Ben Simmons

The Boston Celtics have expressed their interest in disgruntled Philadephia 76ers star Ben Simmons. From the looks of it, it comes at a perfect time, especially for the Celtics. After all, they have a subpar 4-6 record to start the season off. This suggests that a major tweak is in order before everything goes down the drain. With that said, there are two trade packages that the Celtics and the 76ers arrange that center on Ben Simmons and Jaylen Brown.

2. Ben Simmons for Jaylen Brown

76ers president of basketball operations Daryl Morey made it known that he’ll only entertain an offer for Simmons if it includes an All-Star caliber player. He doesn’t care if Simmons’ woes have caused his stock to plummet. He knows that Simmons is still an incredible player and he wants a player of the same ilk in return. This is where Jaylen Brown enters. A straight-up swap could work which could benefit both parties.

For the 76ers, they will finally move on from the Simmons saga. While they lead the league with an 8-3 record, common sense shows that they will be a whole lot better with another star on the floor. In addition, Simmons may just be the player to cure Jayson Tatum’s struggles early on. Simmons playmaking and cutting ability make him the perfect complement for Tatum’s offensive playstyle. Brown has grown to similar to Tatum to the point that they don’t work well together. Brown, for his part, can continue to develop his own game with Joel Embiid — the All-Star center who’s used to playing with jump shooters and slashers. Embiid and Brown have the potential to be a monster duo for the years to come.

Apart from this, the Celtics will fully embrace Simmons’ defensive tenacity. If the trade pushes through, then he’ll team up with fellow defensive stalwarts Marcus Smart and Al Horford. This could just save the Celtics season from going to waste. The 76ers aren’t going to completely lose on the defensive spectrum. Brown has been developing into a good defender. Besides, they already have the likes of Danny Green and Matisse Thybulle who are incredibly smart defensive players.

1. Jaylen Brown and Aaron Nesmith for Ben Simmons and 2023 First Round Pick

This is essentially an expanded Simmons-Brown trade with the addition of some role players and picks. This is the only viable trade package as several players from both teams cannot be traded due to various restrictions specifically for recently traded and recently signed players. Players who were signed in the offseason cannot be traded up until mid-December or mid-January. With that said, if both teams are antsy to pull the trigger in the next few days, then the trade package above will work.

And even if they do pull the trigger later on, the package also works. Both the 76ers and Celtics are playoff contenders, more so for Philly. As such, a star for a star trade is already a major tweak. Anything beyond that (meaning a package that involves several core players) can ruin all sorts of chemistry both teams have developed over the years.

Including someone like Seth Curry or Georges Niang for the 76ers will be considered a bad trade. The same goes if the Celtics decide to let go of someone like Marcus Smart, a player who has been a foundational piece for the entire organization.

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2 best Celtics trades for disgruntled Sixers star Ben Simmons