The best Pixel 6 Black Friday deal is already live at Best Buy

The best  Pixel 6 Black Friday deal is already live at Best Buy

The time has finally come to save big on the exceptionally well-reviewed Pixel 6! Of course, "big" might feel like a bit of an overstatement, and "finally" doesn't sound like the best way to describe the timing of a deal arriving less than a month after the commercial debut of the newest Google-made handsets either.
But we're sure many of the search giant's hardcore fans have been eager to get any sort of discount on any one of the two stock Android-running Tensor powerhouses with as few strings attached as possible, which is where Best Buy comes in right now.
In case you're wondering, this year's top Black Friday Pixel deals available starting today directly from Big G's official US e-store include no upfront discounts or gifts for the 6 or 6 Pro. Meanwhile, retailers like Amazon don't even have the two 5G-enabled high-enders in stock at the time of this writing.

5G, 128GB, Unlocked, With or Without Carrier Activation

5G, 256GB, Unlocked, With or Without Carrier Activation

All that is to highlight exactly how cool it is that Best Buy is currently slashing $50 off the regular Pixel 6's list price in both 128 and 256GB storage configurations with absolutely no special requirements while enhancing your savings if you don't mind activating the unlocked device on Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile.

Although the retailer lists the discount as capping off at $100, it appears that you can actually save as much as 150 bucks... under certain conditions. Specifically, with an AT&T activation or a new line of service or new account altogether at T-Mobile.

Because the Google Pixel 6 5G normally starts at $599, this amazing (and amazingly early) Best Buy Black Friday offer means that you can cough up as little as $449 right now without having to trade anything in, port in a number from your current carrier to another, or jump through various other hoops. 

Both the entry-level 128GB storage variant and the one capable of accommodating 256 gigs of data internally in exchange for $549 and up (instead of $699 and up) come packing a hefty 8GB RAM while also shining in the imaging, battery life, and especially software support department.