The Schitt's Creek motel can be yours for just $1.6 million

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Good news for anyone looking to buy their son a lavish prank birthday gift: The motel from Schitt’s Creek is up for sale. For just $1.6 million USD, you, too, can leave the worries of big city financial ruin behind to live in a rural town where opportunities abound for comedic situations, moments of self-discovery, and maybe even winning a whole bunch of Emmys.

As Deadline reports, the Hockley Motel is located in Mono, a small town in southern Ontario where the show’s motel scenes were filmed. The property “sits on 6.7 acres along the banks of the Nottawasaga River,” includes six units (“each with a bedroom and bathroom”), and “a two-story manager’s suite that has three bedrooms and one bath.” The Hockley also comes with a “detached guest cottage and barn with space for three horses”—good information to have in advance for anyone looking to board a collection of horses outside their new sitcom-themed motel.

The motel is being sold by Jesse Tipping, who purchased it in 2012, a couple of years before Schitt’s Creek began shooting. Apparently, the Hockley was previously used “as housing for Canadian basketball recruits,” though Tipping “would welcome the next owner making the place into a Schitt’s Creek-themed motel.”

Deadline warns anyone considering an impulsive $1.6 million purchase that not everything from the show was filmed in or around the Hockley, though. Schitt’s Creek’s interiors were largely shot at studios in Toronto and the fictional town itself is located outside of Mono, in a different tiny Ontario town called Goodwood. Still, if you’ve got a couple million to spare and need to own your very own quiet motel retreat to get to work on a script for The Crows Have Eyes 4, there are worse investments to consider than the Hockley Motel.

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