Capitals celebrate Nicklas Backstrom’s return with silly social media posts

Nicklas Backstrom is finally back after missing the first 28 games of the season. He made his season debut against the Chicago Blackhawks.

The Capitals went all out to celebrate the occasion on their social media channels.

The Capitals first posted this particularly wonderful TikTok which is so Zoomer I needed someone else to explain it to me.


Nicky is back SPREAD THE WORD ##duo ##bestfriends ##bromance ##didyouhear

♬ Drilla –

“It’s a trend on TikTok where you like talk about someone you’re in sync with then pan the camera to reveal them,” RMNB Patron Ben Roswell said to me, linking to these other two examples. AH! Now I get it!

The Capitals also posted this famous Lord of the Rings scene with Capitals players’ faces. Then Nicklas Gandolfstrom shows up on his white horse to join the battle.

The Capitals also took us inside the locker room to see the players welcome Backstrom back before taking the ice for warmpus.

Then there were photos. Lots and lots of photos.

Wouldn't be the holidays without St. Nick

— Washington Capitals (@Capitals) December 16, 2021

Welcome back, Nicky! The Capitals aren’t the same without ya.

Screenshot: Capitals/TikTok