In His Own Words: Bryan Harsin on Auburn's early signing class

"I want to go work for it. Nothing's going to be given, and everything's going to be earned. That's all you ask for, and that's really all that anybody wants. It means so much more when you have to earn it. If somebody gives you something, that doesn't mean as much; when you earn it, alright, you know you put in the work. That's part of our creed: work, hard work. I mean, that's something that, if that doesn't resonate with you, this isn't the place. And every one of these guys, they're all about that. So, to me, it was more just — we just had to be who we are, share our message. Other programs have their ways of doing things; we have ours, and that's really all we're focused on. And what I love about what our staff did and the players that are a part of our program now, that's all they focused on. They didn't worry about all the other distractions. They just wanted to know that, hey, here's the things that are important to me, here's the things that are important to us, alright, those are married up and now we have 16 new players that are going to be a part of our program and more to come. To me, that's the most important thing. So, you know, Auburn's a special place, and we want guys here that love Auburn and love football, want to be a part of what we're building and want to be a part of this program."