Kalen DeBoer's Early Signing Day Press Conference Notes

ByScott Eklund

Here are some notes form what Husky head coach Kalen DeBoer had to say at his Early Signing Day press conference...

  • Said it's been awesome to be back and that today is an exciting day.
  • He said every day is about getting better and that the team got better today with the five players they were able to get to sign.
  • DeBoer said that the players all lover the program and it was a top-priority to get them in.
  • He said the 2022 class was going to be small before he got here and will be small, but they will have some guys leave and there will be more, but not a lot of spots to fill.
  • DeBoer said they are in a good place as we head into the Dead Period and then into January as they lead up to February.
  • Noted that the time "off" will give them the opportunity to figure out what holes they need to fill.
  • Said he loves length and speed, but length is the most important because you can put size on length.
  • He said, these five players are "rock solid".
  • DeBoer noted it's been great getting to know their families and coaches and support structures and they have been building strong relationships with them.
  • Two players will enroll early -- Germie Bernard and Parker Brailsford.
  • On Germie Bernard, DeBoer said he's a dynamic player and really special. Committed early in the process and his energy that he will bring to the program because he's so comfortable here is exciting. He is a dynamic athlete, can do a lot of different things. Has a maturity and focus about him on what he wants to do and where he wants to get.
  • On Parker Brailsford, he noted that not everyone got to meet because they won a state title last weekend. Comes from a top-tier program. He said he's a dynamic person and really smart. Very athletic. When you watch his film, he finishes plays and blocks to the whistle. Twitchy athlete and explosive.
  • On Denzel Boston, DeBoer said that he was a guy who wanted to stay local and that after he saw his film, he wanted Boston to stay local too. Very consistent, year-to-year, he'll be able to put on some good weight. Great body control, loves football and you can see how contagious his personality is in the way he talks. He loves to work hard. He's a very good complement to Bernard.
  • On Lance Holtzclaw, he said that personality-wise, he's a guy he can't wait to get into the locker room. He's a team-player, very explosive, they see him as a weakside defensive end/outside linebacker. Has a burst you like to see off the edge. Good personality, but very intense and knows what he wants and goes and gets it. Said he couldn't go away from a guy called "showtime".
  • On Ryan Otton, DeBoer noted he comes from a football family. Said that his brother, Cade Otton, had an amazing career, but that Ryan will make a name for himself. He said the character he has, he knows how to work hard and feels like he could be 250 to 260 tomorrow because of his frame. He wanted to be a Dawg and they were happy to have him.
  • Noted all of the players come from great families and they needed to be part of building that culture.
  • Said that updates on the rest of the coaching staff will be happening in the very near future, so anyone with questions on that, they will be answered soon.
  • On whether he had relationships with the players who signed before he got to Washington, DeBoer said he did not, but after getting to know them, he's glad he has relationships with them.
  • On class numbers, DeBoer said there were six seniors who have left so there's probably only going to be 15 players added including the five that signed today. He said that could include tranfers in and out as well.
  • On how he jumped into the things with just two weeks remaining in the cycle, DeBoer said the recruiting staff on hand did a good job of giving him insights on kids and he talked with staff members, some who aren't returning, and they were great as well. He said mainly, you put on the tape and then you get in their homes and you get to know them.
  • They had to be selective because of the limited numbers available, but he said that the size of the class could change.
  • On talking to the two quarterbacks on campus, DeBoer said they are both top-tier guys and capable players and he's had a great time getting to know them and said that with just two on the roster, there obviously will be some additions coming.
  • DeBoer said they don't NEED another quarterback to bring in, but they are always going to look for talented players to add to the program and so they will keep building strong relationships with the current quarterbacks and the guys who are still available.
  • On Courtney Morgan, DeBoer said they went through tough stuff together -- beginning COVID-19 pandemic -- and that has helped them build their relationship. He said Morgan loves the process and finding guys that are very talented and guys that you can develop and become great players in your system.
  • On the Transfer Portal and some comments by coaches, he said it's the world we live in now. He related his story about being at Fresno State and never knowing that he'd be at Washington a week or two later, so he likes allowing kids to have that same flexibility, but he knows they have a small window of opportunity, so he wants what is best for them and if that's not being here, then that's what he will support.
  • He said the NIL and Transfer Portal make things more difficult in building a culture and make it a place where kids want to be, but he understands that guys want to play and if they aren't playing, they're probably going to go find a place they can do that.
  • On Holtzclaw changing his mind and signing today, DeBoer said it was hard for the kid to know what is going happen, so he understood him not wanting to sign today, but the staff stayed the coarse, kept building that relationship and made Holtzclaw feel comfortable enough to sign.
  • Noted that coaching staff decisions have been made and there's some behind-the-scenes stuff that still needs to be worked out.
  • Asked about position groups that need to have more numbers, DeBoer said linebacker and corner are the two spots that he can see and then the quarterback spot as well.
  • Does not feel that the team/program is in a desperate position to add players, but they definitely will be looking to add prospects at different spots if they can find the right guys.
  • Likes having two signing days.
  • Wants the offers they put out there to be committable, so that means they probably will be on the lower end of the number of offers that go out, but there is no set number they want to be at.
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