Curb star Jeff Garlin leaves The Goldbergs following internal investigation

Jeff Garlin has left ABC sitcom The Goldbergs following multiple allegations of on-set misconduct.

The comedian, who also plays Larry David’s manager Jeff Greene on HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, has recently found himself at the centre of several internal investigations.

Deadline reports that a mutual decision has been made and that Garlin will exit The Goldbergs effective immediately.

The Independent has contacted Sony Pictures Television, who produces the show, for comment.

It’s not believed that Garlin’s departure will impact the current season of the sitcom as he is said to have had one more day left of shooting as Murray Goldberg.

The Goldbergs, one of ABC’s most successful comedy shows, is yet to be renewed for a 10th season.

This news comes weeks after Garlin denied claims that he had been fired from the show for allegedly making inappropriate comments to crew members on set.

Garlin admitted to Vanity Fair that he had faced annual investigations by human resources during his last three years on the show, which he chalked down to “missed” jokes.

Jeff Garlin has reportedly left ‘The Goldbergs’ effective immediately

However, fresh allegations were made to Deadline following that interview, with one employee calling him “extremely verbally and emotionally abusive”.

The Independent has contacted Garlin for comment.