'SNL': Watch Pete Davidson Crack Up Over His Ferry Boat Purchase With Colin Jost (Video)

“Saturday Night Live” cast members Colin Jost and Pete Davidson bought a retired Staten Island ferry boat together last week, in what really sounds like the concept of a sketch on the show. So on Saturday’s episode, they turned it into exactly that on “Weekend Update” — though Davidson could barely get through the segment without cracking up.

During the broadcast, Jost introduced a recurring correspondent: Guy Who Just Bought a Boat, played by a punning Alex Moffat in full overgrown frat-boy mode. Almost immediately, Moffat’s character could sense something was different about Colin.

“I’m getting some sort of message like a blipper from another Skipper,” he said. “Yep. My tighty whitey spidey sense is tingling, ope! Someone bought a boat! Yeah, I’m getting word in my sidepiece, breaking news, my boy Coy-Joy and ‘SNL’ boy toy are saying ahoy-hoy to an aquatic toy-toy. That’s right, Colin and Pete bought a ferry boat!”

With that, Jost brought out Davidson as “Guy Who Just Bought a Ferry,” to talk about the deal. Of course, Davidson was excited, joking that they had bought “the windowless van of the sea.” But that was pretty much the last serious moment Davidson had during the sketch, which you can watch in the video above.

As Davidson and Jost discussed their purchase, the “Weekend Update” host did admit that they were having trouble figuring out where to dock such a large boat. Naturally, Moffat seized his opportunity to make some blatant double entendres, and Davidson simply could not hold it together.

“Oh, fellas, this happens to me all the time. Look, just start poking around downtown,” Moffat’s character joked. “It’ll eventually slip in somewhere. My thing is a dinghy.”

He only got more raunchy from there, arguing that “it’s the width that counts” when Davidson pointed out that the ferry is 300 feet long. When Jost reminded Moffat that the ferry will be docked full time for their purposes, Moffat went even further.

“Wait, so your boats just gonna lay there? Tight,” Moffat said as Davidson cracked up next to him. “That’s just like me. There’s no motion in this ocean. When you’re scootin’ pooners on this schooner, all are bored! There’s no shame in paying for a tug, CoJo knows what I’m talking about.”

When Davidson could finally catch his breath, he simply explained the joke, laughing because “It’s like with your penis!”

Watch the segment above.