Vaccine mandate opponents and anti-vaxxers gather for rally in Washington, DC - live

Oliver O'Connell
Sunday 23 January 2022 19:29
Vaccine mandate opponents and anti-vaxxers gather for rally in Washington, DC - live

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Covid-19 vaccine mandate opponents have gathered for a march in Washington, DC today in an event organisers have called “Defeat the Mandates: An American Homecoming”.

Among those marching are firefighters, teachers, first responders, and other groups, who began to gather on the National Mall from 10.30am local time. At 11.30am they began walking from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial.

Beginning at 12pm were musical performances and speeches including remarks from anti-vaccine activist Robert F Kennedy Jr, controversial doctor Robert Malone, and Lara Logan a former 60 Minutes correspondent and Fox News contributor.

The event is meant to gather people who oppose vaccine mandates, vaccines for children, and other pandemic requirements and restrictions, though many of the speakers are prominently against the vaccine itself. A permit filed with the National Park Service states that the march could attract as many as 20,000 people.

Authorities and businesses in the city have ramped up their security operations ahead of today’s protest. Law enforcement agencies are worried that the potentially large demonstrations against vaccine mandates could attract members of extremist groups.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Homeland Security, Metropolitan Police Department, US Park Police, and others have made extensive plans ahead of this weekend.

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For context, as of today, there have been more than 70.5 million confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the US.

More than 865,000 Americans are officially recorded as having died from the virus.

Worldwide, there have been just under 350 million cases and 5.59 million deaths.

Oliver O'Connell23 January 2022 19:29

While the organisers insist the spirit of today is about being against vaccine mandates, all of the speakers have railed against the vaccine itself claiming various side effects and long-term damage, especially in children. There is no evidence to back up their claims.

Oliver O'Connell23 January 2022 19:20

Those on the ground appear to confirm that the crowd is perhaps smaller than organisers were hoping for. USA Today’s Ella Lee posted this photo from the back.

Oliver O'Connell23 January 2022 18:59

“Covid should never have been politicised” says Dr Robert Malone, surrounded by “F***Joe Biden” and “Trump 2024” and “Fascist Fauci” flags.

Oliver O'Connell23 January 2022 18:50

Robert Malone, the anti-vaccine doctor who shot to fame on Joe Rogan’s podcast, spoke from the steps in front of the Lincoln Memorial by invoking Martin Luther King Jr’s famous speech, saying that today’s antivaxx marchers are “standing on the shoulders of giants”.

“Honest words, spoken from the heart, can change the world,” he said.

“I come to you with an open heart, as a physician committed to healing, bringing three simple words...integrity, dignity, community.”

The controversial doctor, pausing to cough several times, claimed that the vaccines against Covid-19 are not working and are not keeping people safe. He then went on to say that “these genetic vaccines may damage your children”.

His central theme revolved around the sentiment that “if there is risk, there must be choice”.

“The truth is like a lion. It doesn’t need defending. Just let it loose and it will defend itself.”

Oliver O'Connell23 January 2022 18:39

Justin Moyer of The Washington Post spoke with two organic farmers who came to speak out against the “segregation” of mandates. They believe they do not need injections and their bodies can regenerate.

Oliver O'Connell23 January 2022 18:30

While the crowd is a mix, the majority are right-leaning judging by the banners and flags. This would be the largest such rally since the 6 January 2021 Trump event at the Ellipse.

Oliver O'Connell23 January 2022 18:13
Oliver O'Connell23 January 2022 18:02

“They are killing us with censorship and propaganda,” says one speaker, saying the public is being starved of information about cheap alternative Covid-19 treatments that are nothing to do with big pharma.

He does not expand on what these alleged treatments are.

Another speaker rails against not letting other people (medical professionals) decide on treatments for you and your children.

The next speaker then argues that doctors need to be allowed to be doctors.

Oliver O'Connell23 January 2022 18:00

At least three anti-vax doctor speakers have referred to current Covid policies as “crimes against humanity”, to chants of “lock them up”.

Oliver O'Connell23 January 2022 17:51

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