Delta Flight Rolls Into Mud During Taxi Impacting Raleigh-Durham Airport

Raleigh–Durham International Airport’s runways closed at around 21:00 last night due to a Delta Connection aircraft rolling into the mud while taxiing. The North Carolina hub then went on to remove snow from another runway to get operations going once again.

Delta Flight Rolls Into Mud During Taxi Impacting Raleigh-Durham Airport
Delta works with other operators on Delta Connection services across the United States. Photo: Getty Images

A short trip

On January 21st, flight DL5501 flew in from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport after a journey south to Raleigh-Durham. However, after landing, the Delta CRJ900LR rolled off the runway and got stuck.

Delta Flight Rolls Into Mud During Taxi Impacting Raleigh-Durham Airport
DL5501 departed Ronald Reagan Washington National at 20:01 EST before arriving at Raleigh-Durham at 20:52. Photo:

Thankfully, there are no reported injuries as the plane touched down safely before rolling. Altogether, workers were quick on the scene to get services running.

RDU's airfield closed at approximately 9 pm when Delta Flight 5501 landed safely and rolled into the mud while taxiing, with no reported injuries. We are completing snow removal on alternate runway 5R/23L, and it will reopen once removal is complete.

— RDU Airport (@RDUAirport) January 22, 2022

Reopen for flights

At 22:10 local time, RDU updated that it had reopened runway 5R/23L to air traffic, which allowed flights to takeoff and land from the site. However, 5L/23R remained closed.

“Runway 5L/23R will remain closed until the aircraft is safely towed. Runway 5R/23L will continue to operate as weather conditions permit,” RDU Airport tweeted.

“We will post an update when the runway reopens. Travelers should check with their airline for latest flight status before coming to RDU.”

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A word from the airline

Delta operates at gates C1, C3, C7, D1, D3, D5-6, D8-9, D11, and D13 at Raleigh–Durham International (RDU) Terminal 2. It is a focus city for the company, but several other US powerhouses also have a strong presence at the airport.

The flight was being operated by Endeavor Air for Delta Air Lines’ Delta Connection service, which is a regional department of the firm. Endeavor Air is joined by Republic Airways, and SkyWest Airlines to conduct services on behalf of the legacy carrier.

Delta Flight Rolls Into Mud During Taxi Impacting Raleigh-Durham Airport
A mix of CRJ and Embraer regional aircraft are seen on these short-haul missions. Photo: Delta Air Lines

Simple Flying reached out to Delta Air Lines about its aircraft rolling into mud during taxi in North Carolina. A spokesperson for the Atlanta-based carrier confirmed that the nose gear exited the taxiway following arrival. The company added that all 13 passengers deplaned safely. Overall, it apologizes to its customers for the inconvenience.

Regional tours

The CRJ900 involved holds registration N272PQ, coming off the production line with serial number 15272 eight years ago. According to ch-aviation, the unit holds 44 economy, 20 Comfort, and 12 business seats. In total, the jet has a capacity of 76 passengers.

The plane has been seen at several busy spots across the US over the last week, including Charlotte, Washington DC, Austin, Newark, Detroit, Cincinnati, Bangor, and Milwaukee. Delta and its partners will undoubtedly be ensuring that the aircraft is fit and ready before heading back into action on these popular routes.

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