Sister Wives' Janelle 'is strongly considering separating' with Kody

SISTER Wives star Janelle Brown "is strongly considering separating" with her husband Kody following his split from his third wife Christine.

The reality star has been contemplating leaving her husband of 28 years, months after her sister wife Christine decided to end their marriage.

Sister Wives' Janelle 'is strongly considering separating' with Kody
Janelle is 'strongly considering separating' from Kody after 28 years togetherCredit: TLC
Sister Wives' Janelle 'is strongly considering separating' with Kody
An insider said that Janelle 'meant it' when she said she would leave Kody and 'it's going to happen'Credit: Instagram/TLC

And according to USWeekly, the TV star is not messing around.

An insider exclusively told the publication that “Janelle meant it when [she] said she would leave Kody. It’s going to happen.”

Janelle, 52, previously revealed that she was thinking about walking away from Kody, 52, during a recent episode of the TLC show.

During the episode, she had a heart-to-heart conversation with her sister wife, Robyn, 43, about how the pandemic has put a spotlight on their marriage problems.

She said: "I've had to have that conscious decision with myself. 

"I've had to really think my children are almost grown and there's not a huge necessity anymore to stay."

The mom-of-six continued: "It was a wonderful way to raise children. 

"With Kody and me right now, our relationship has become pretty strained."

Janelle concluded: "It would be very easy. It's easy to walk away."

The couple share sons Logan, Hunter, Garrison and Gabriel, as well as daughters Madison and Savanah together.


As the new year began, Janelle hinted at a new beginning saying she's ready for some “change” in her life.

The TV personality uploaded a smiling selfie to Instagram, adding the caption: “With the holidays behind us - many of us are now focusing on the New Year & new goals.

 “New can also bring change. Change comes first with the decision to try. Trying comes with the decision to continue. 

“Continuing comes with the decision to be committed.” 


The polygomist family seems to be coming undone as just months prior, Christine confirmed that she had left Kody after nearly three decades of marriage.

In November, she released a statement on social media and said: "After more than 25 years together, Kody and I have grown apart and I have made the difficult decision to leave."

In a recent clip shared by PEOPLE, Christine, 49, opened up about her rocky relationship with Kody on the reality show.

She said during her confessional: “He goes: 'I'm not interested in having an intimate marriage anymore. I don't like your behavior. We'll see if you can be a good sister wife,' and all this.

"I'm like, 'Okay, so you don't want us to have an intimate marriage?' And he goes, 'No.' I'm like, 'That's not enough for me. I cannot have an intimate marriage.'"

In addition to Christine, Janelle, and Robyn, Kody is also in a spiritual relationship with Meri, 50.


Recently, Christine thanked her fans on TikTok for their support and discussed the courage she needed in order to walk away.

The TV personality explained: "Becoming a bad a** was an important step for me to make," before revealing the advice that her mother gave her.

"She was saying you have to listen to your heart and make a decision based on joy. But listen to your heart and really go deep into who you are as a person and then make that decision."

She continued: "People are gonna know my business. Anything that I decide to do since I'm public people are gonna know."

Christine's mother chimed in: "So what? Make a decision for yourself and then go with that." 

The TV personality is now focused on "doing the next right thing."

During a Cameo Kody answered fans questions speculating whether the split has prompted him to search for a new wife.

"No fifth wife requests," Kody exclaims. "Anything else, I'm willing to play the game."

Sister Wives' Janelle 'is strongly considering separating' with Kody
The reveal comes after Janelle's sister wife Christine decided to leave Kody after nearly a decade togetherCredit: Instagram
Sister Wives' Janelle 'is strongly considering separating' with Kody
In addition to Janelle and Christine, Kody is also married to Robyn and MeriCredit: Instagram
Sister Wives' Janelle 'is strongly considering separating' with Kody
Kody recently shot down fans questions of if he's seeking for another wife amid his split from Christine saying: 'no fifth wife requests'Credit: Cameo
Sister Wives' Christine Brown admits she's a 'bad a**' because she dumped Kody after he refused to have sex with her

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