Tyler, the Creator comes back swinging with with single "LUMBERJACK"

Tyler, the Creator in the music video for “LUMBERJACK”
Screenshot: Tyler, the Creator / Youtube (Fair Use)

Following a week of video teasers and enigmatic billboards, Tyler, the Creator dropped the first single from his Igor follow-up project. The new track, called “LUMBERJACK,” features “Gangsta Grillz” shoutouts courtesy of DJ Drama and it samples NYC hip-hop group Gravediggaz.

As opposed to the sunny Los Angeles teaser video “SIDE STREET” Tyler released earlier this week, the Wolf Haley-directed video for “LUMBERJACK” takes the rapper to snowy mountaintops after being whisked away by frigid winds. He sports the signature Golf Le Fleur eggshell blue, and cackles with the woman giving his nails a fresh coat. The video ends with the same phrase, “Call Me If You Get Lost,” that was plastered on billboards and capped off teasers.

Tyler predominately sang through his sixth album Igor, creating a fluid pop/hip-hop album that pushed against the generic labels placed on rappers, which he called out after winning a Grammy for Best Rap Album in 2019. But in “LUMBERJACK” he returns to rapping, and while the short, mixtape-style track carries a less polished sound than Igor singles like “EARFQUAKE” and “I THINK,” it still flows with all of the finesse. “LUMBERJACK” is gritty and less delicate than his previous offerings, and with that, Tyler harnessed the element of surprise. The Odd Future founder lets everyone know he’s rich, talented, constantly at the ready with a wisecrack, and—shocking, we know—does not care what you think. He’s been gone for a minute, but he came back with an ax and is ready to cut some folks down to size.

Rolls-Royce pull up, black boy hop out (Man, what the fuck?)

Shoutout to my mother and my father, didn’t pull out

MSG sell out, fuck these n—as yap ‘bout? (Sold out)

Good credit score, this card really can’t max out (Wow)

Two, four, five hundred stacks for the hood

Call me lumberjack ‘cause I wish a n—a would race

He has yet to announce an upcoming album, but the hype continues to build up in a way not seen with previous single “BEST INTEREST” and “GROUP B.” The name of the new album continues to be a mystery, but our bets are placed on “Call Me If You Get Lost.”