Jimmy Kimmel Brutally Mocks Trump’s ‘Drunken Wedding Toast’

It’s almost as if Jimmy Kimmel is having more fun making jokes at Donald Trump’s expense now that he’s no longer president than he did while he was still in office.

After taking on his “bowl of mashed potatoes in pants” post-presidency body earlier this month, the late-night host turned Monday to the bizarre speech about China, Iran, and the 2020 election that Trump unleashed on an unsuspecting wedding party at his Mar-a-Lago resort over the weekend.

“One of his friends-slash-club member donors got married at Mar-a-Lago on Saturday and the former president had some beautiful words for the bride and groom,” Kimmel said before playing a clip of Trump’s unhinged rant. “You know what? I said the same thing at my brother’s wedding,” the host added. “It was word for word.”

“I love this so much,” he continued. “Watch the band behind him as he goes on and on about how great he was. They’re like, ‘Can we just play ‘Dancing Queen’ and get the hell out of here?’”

“It’s a wedding! It is a wedding!” Kimmel marveled. “I used to be a DJ at weddings when I was in college. I’ve seen some weird toasts, never have I seen one like this. How do you give a drunken wedding toast when you don’t even drink?!”

Finally, after sharing the clip of Trump demonstrating just how little he understands about how voting works, Kimmel told viewers, “This is what he does now. He babbles at weddings. He complains. Whenever someone plays the song ‘YMCA,’ he magically appears like Beetlejuice. So he ended the speech by instructing the guests to violently storm the buffet table.”

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