What vaccine cards may be used for moving forward

There's been a lot of speculation about the white vaccine cards will be used for in the future. Will they be used as a ticket for a sporting event or a concert? Or maybe for travel? We spoke with local health experts about what they might be used for in the future

To date, we don't have a use for it other than it might come down the road," Dr. James Kravec, Chief Clinical Officer for Mercy Health. 

Many have speculated about what the use of the vaccine cards will be in the future and perhaps the legality behind a proof of vaccination, whether it be to get into a sporting event or even for your employer.

"I know with the Flu vaccine, which has been around a lot longer, there has been a lot of mandates but I haven't seen a lot of mandates yet for the Covid-19 vaccine. I think once it transitions from emergency use authorization to full FDA approval we may see different guidelines and different regulations," says Kravec. 

Kravec adds that while there hasn't been much talk on what to use the vaccine cards for, vaccine mandates to travel have been something that's been discussed.

"There is precedent in the world really for having some sort of proof of immunization for travel, there's precedent for that. Whether it moves as quick for Covid as it has for others it remains to be seen still."