You may soon need proof of COVID-19 vaccine, Camden County official says

COLLINGSWOOD, New Jersey (WPVI) -- It appears needing proof of a COVID-19 vaccine to go places in the future may become a reality, according to Commissioner Director Louis Cappelli, Jr.He offered some insight from the political aisle into a potential "vaccine passport" or the importance of having proof of vaccination. He believes it'll likely be necessary in the future."Keep it in a safe place almost like a will. You're going to need it to get into places whether it be an entertainment venue, onto an airplane, perhaps whatever school you go to," said Cappelli.He says right now no official decision has been made yet but one is likely on the way."We think there will be other announcements like that in the near future, therefore, you should keep this card close by," said Cappelli.On Monday evening we spoke with plenty of people who think proof of a vaccine should be mandatory.

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"I do think that would be an important thing to do before we open up the large venues," said Fred Ranallo-Higgins of South Philadelphia.In fact, on Amazon, clear vaccination card protectors are now a #1 bestseller.Not everyone is on board with this idea, like Sam Mariney of Philadelphia city's Logan section."That's forcing my hand to do something I don't want to do, and that's not right," said Mariney.Tramaine Johnson kept his vaccine card tightly secured in his pocket after receiving his first dose of the vaccine Monday."I got it today because I feel like down the line it's going to be mandatory to do everything and I do want to enjoy my summer," said Johnson.But when it comes to being able to go places like a ball game or concert venue, Johnson believes it should be a choice that very well may have consequences."They have the right to say you can't come to an Eagles game or you can't fly," he said.The Pennsylvania Health Department says, "Pennsylvania is looking to the federal government for recommendations on this initiative but is not currently exploring plans to develop a 'vaccine passport.'"Right now proof a vaccine isn't necessary or in the plans for them yet, but that is subject to change should different guidance come down from the federal government.

The Biden administration is currently working to develop a system for people to prove they've been vaccinated against the coronavirus, a senior administration official tells CNN.

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