Tampa Bay Bucs' Top NFL Challenger: 'Crazy' Washington Football Team

Want to know what's "crazy'' about the idea that the Washington Football Team might be the NFC's biggest challenger to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' chance of repeating as champs?

The labeling of the idea as "crazy.'' That's what's "crazy.'' to the limit in the playoffs last season before the eventual Super Bowl champions held off the NFC East champs.

On ESPN’s “Get Up,” the show veered toward the notion that the Dallas Cowboys enter NFL training camp as the top threat to QB Tom Brady and the defending Super Bowl champs from Tampa.

But analyst Sam Acho leaned another direction, saying it’s the Washington Football Team that will be that challenger.

“So, I believe it’s the Washington Football Team,” Acho said. “Before y’all look at me like I’m crazy, let me explain.”

OK. Let's let him.

"Think about what happened last year during the playoffs. Round 1, the Washington Football Team played your Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I was watching that game, I had a vested interest in that game because I had been released from the Bucs, so I kind of wanted the Bucs to lose. I was on the edge of my seat because they almost did it. It was a one-score game.''

Acho's football career isn't really of interest here. (No offense, Sam.) The real point, to us, is how this is even much of a debate. Dallas has a fine shot at being "that team.'' And so do the defending NFC East champs from DC.

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That's not really debatable ... though we acknowledge that "debatable'' is sort of the point of these TV shows. Again, though, Acho isn't being "crazy''; he's being logical, in mentioning Dallas and the WFT.

“Yes, I think the Cowboys have a great chance, but the Washington Football Team has a great coach, a great culture,” Acho said. “It’s not about talent. It’s about culture; it’s about team; it’s about competition. That’s what you’re going to see in Washington.”

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