The Knicks select center Jericho Sims with their final 2021 draft pick

After employing the Nerlens Wall at center last season, the Knicks have added the Wall of Jericho. With the 58th pick of the 2021 draft, New York selected Jericho Sims. The 6’10”, 245 lb. 22-year-old played four years at Texas, the last two as their starting center. Sims is a traditional big man, attempting but one 3-pointer over his four-year career. His rebounding percentage was similar to Julius Randle’s and his block percentage near Mitchell Robinson’s. It is safe to say the Knicks did not draft Sims for his scoring.

One of the biggest issues I have w/ Jericho Simms and why I struggle to buy in is his lack of shot creation and touch in the post. I don't expect him to be Kareem but he needs to be able to get something better than this against a smaller defender.

— Tyler Metcalf (@tmetcalf11) December 7, 2020

He turned the ball over a lot, almost the same rate as the aforementioned Noel. If he makes the team it’s going to be because of his defense and maybe being a lob threat. The man has hops.

Right now the Knicks’ depth chart at center is Mitchell Robinson coming off a foot injury and Norvel Pelle. Maybe Sims can beat the odds and find his way onto the roster. For now, he’s found his way into our consciousness, which as matter goes is pretty much all you can ask for.