People Are Loving How Chill Lorde Is While Eating Super Hot Wings: 'She's Invincible'

Lorde made her debut on the popular spicy chicken wing-eating YouTube series “Hot Ones” this week and fans could not believe how calm she was in the face of serious heat.

The pop star talked candidly to host Sean Evans about her upcoming album  “Solar Power,” and the various components that went into creating it (including ― cicadas??). She also talked about fame, life on tour, her onion ring Instagram account and her recent trip to Antarctica.

But Evans seemed most shocked at Lorde’s remarkable composure while eating incredibly spicy chicken wings as they talked about the various topics during the more than 24-minute show.

Upon eating the wing doused in a sauce called Scorpion Disco, made with “one of the hottest [peppers] on earth” as per Heatonist, Lorde simply said: “That’s nice ... I like it.”

Viewers were also in awe of her ability to “casually” enjoy super hot wings, and couldn’t help but remark on Twitter:

not lorde just casually enjoying eating the hottest wings with barely a flinch

— chu (@chuuzus) July 29, 2021

lorde took a second bite on the hottest wing on hot wings and didn't even flinch; she's invincible

— meridy 🥀 (@sabotage_myself) July 29, 2021

i actually can’t get over Lorde going on hot wings and adding extra sauce, taking double bites, eating more wings at the end, and reading the hot sauce labels for the notes of flavour. i dont think she took a sip of the water. grown men have cried on that show.

— juliette 𓆈 •dangirl• (@julesdnp) July 29, 2021

I want to go through life like how Lorde eats the hot wings, unphased and unbothered.

— P. (@aplotwist) July 30, 2021

I strive to be as calm and collective as lorde was while eating hot wings

— Nareen (@selxtay1) July 30, 2021

Lorde being completely unphased by the wings on Hot Ones makes me so proud to be her loyal stan

— willa (@WillaLYoung) July 29, 2021