Freeware Live Traffic Mod for MSFS

A new freeware modification tool called Easy airlines+aircraft matching with default live traffic has been released on which aims to make traffic in Microsoft Flight Simulator more realistic.

The utility does require you to use IVAO Altitude for Microsoft Flight Simulator, but once installed, you will have a huge variety of AI aircraft that represent realistic aircraft types and airlines in your sim. For example, the add-on will add in the correct aircraft and liveries based on the data that is streamed into the sim from the real-world traffic. This means 737s, A380s, etc, will all match their counterparts.

In addition, there is a detailed FAQ and support topic on the download page. Within that, the developer says that you should gain frames as the models are optimised.

Whilst this tool doesn’t claim to be the perfect solution to having more realistic AI live traffic in Microsoft Flight Simulator, it is a solution that does a reasonable job – and certainly better than the default options available to us.

If you want to give this great little tool a go, you can download it from right now for free. Full installation instructions can be found on that same page.

Let us know in the comment section how you found the tool.