Rep. Van Drew calls for Biden's resignation amid Taliban takeover in Afghanistan

On "Sunday Night in America," Congressman Jeff Van Drew, R-N.J. called on President Joe Biden and several other Democrat leaders to resign following the disaster in Afghanistan.

Following Biden’s withdrawal of U.S. troops, Taliban forces quickly seized control of Afghanistan, leading to the evacuation of the U.S. Embassy and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to flee the country.

Fox News host Trey Gowdy asked the congressmen, "how did we get to this point in Afghanistan?"

"My God, it is one of the darkest, most embarrassing days we’ve had in our country, and it’s a tremendous embarrassment for the Biden administration.," Van Drew said. "But with this administration it is failure after failure after failure. Honest to God, I cannot believe I'm saying this, it literally is time for this president to resign. it is time for this vice president to resign. It is time for the Senate president and Speaker to resign. We need new people, even new Democrats, hopefully that are moderates. We can’t keep doing this."


Gowdy asked his other guest, former state department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus, to respond to Republicans who supported withdrawing troops from Afghanistan regarding recent events. Ortagus argued that while the debate over troops leaving Afghanistan is a valid one, the issue at hand is a lack of planning 

"But the one thing that confounds me is the lack of planning, the lack of execution by this administration in withdrawing these forces," Ortagus said. "General Jack Keane has talked about why did we do this during the height of fighting season, why do seemingly have no plan in place for tens of thousands of people, tens of thousands, who helped us over the last 20 years. I also hear reports we have duel citizens -- dual citizens, American citizens who are potentially still there. It looks chaotic, it looks mismanaged, and the things that’s concerning to me is that this administration looks caught by surprise."

Gowdy closed the segment by asking Van Drew whether or not the Republican plan would have ended differently. 

"Believe me, it would have been different," the congressman responded. "The difference is you could withdraw but you have to make sure that you are connected with what is going on the ground, that you have proper intelligence, none of which this administration obviously had. And third of all, you make it extremely clear to the Taliban, that if they do anything, that is in anyway going to harm the world around them, basically, the reign of hell will come down on them."


Van Drew ended by once again lambasting the Biden administration for "dealing out of weakness" regarding the Taliban.

"We're dealing out of weakness, begging them. You don't do that. You need to have a strong America, a strong military, and deal with them in a way that makes sense, we never would have done this," Van Drew said.