Mass Effect 2 Fan Makes Interesting Discovery About Garrus' Omega Mission

A Mass Effect fan has discovered a small detail that reveals the identities of some previously unknown members of Garrus' old squad.

The time between each Mass Effect title often sits as a dark spot in the both the overall narrative of the series, as well as the advancing subplots constantly following the various companions picked up in each game. This includes the fan-favorite character Garrus Vakarian, who earns a whole new title during the events that pass between the first Mass Effect and the second title.

While much of this backstory is explored in full throughout Mass Effect 2 and during Garrus' loyalty mission, there is still plenty that is ordinarily left unsaid or obscured to keep an air of mystery around these events. However, one player has recently discovered some additional information that goes slightly more in-depth to the people associated with Garrus' updated backstory.

In a Reddit post by user Serocco to the Mass Effect subreddit, the fan highlights a dossier of Garrus, which shows the names of the ten vigilantes that had joined him Omega while he thought Commander Shepard was dead. While the exact details of Garrus' backstory in Mass Effect 2 are dependent on the player's Renegade or Paragon standing in the first game, he is always found to have led a team of vigilantes in Omega, before his entire team is wiped out in a surprise attack. This even acts as part of the reason why the character is stuck in the standoff that he's in when players find him as the Archangel, as he has been left alone in his quest to fight the gangs of Omega.

According to this character file, Garrus has the ten names of the vigilantes carved into the frame of his visor: Erash,  Monnteague, Mierin, Grundan Krul, Melenis, Ripper, Sensat, Vortash, Butler, Weaver. The name Sidonis has also been carved into the visor, with it having been burned out later, which helps indicate who these people are since he is the one who betrayed Garrus and the rest of the squad in the surprise attack that got the rest killed. The whole situation is explained in detail in Garrus' loyalty mission in Mass Effect 2, however, the names of these squad members had never all been fully revealed, even when exhausting all dialogue options.

This is only a small addition to the story, considering that many of these names go unspoken for the rest of Mass Effect 2. However, in the case of the characters in Mass Effect, the smallest details help fully flesh out the worlds and narratives that follow them both while the player is there to see and while they aren't. It's one of many examples of why players resonate with both the characters and the galaxy of the series to the point that many are still excited to see Mass Effect 4 sooner rather than later.

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