Can we please not overreact to the NFL preseason? (Oops, too late)

Let’s please remember that the season hasn’t even started yet.

I know fan bases are head over heels about their new guys under center, but let’s make sure that we keep our expectations in check for some of these guys.

Some of them likely won’t even be starting on Week 1. Let’s not start overreacting to 10 snaps in the preseason and then completely change the narrative on these guys once they are fivegames in and struggling.

Each rookie quarterback is going to have his ups and downs this season, and fans need to realize that as much as they want Justin Fields, Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, Trey Lance, or Mac Jones to be the saviors of their respective franchises, it doesn’t work like that.

Outside of Lance, none of these quarterbacks are going to situations where they are playing for true Super Bowl contenders. Fields and Jones could be on dark horse teams, but a whole lot would have to go right for the Bears or Patriots to have a shot at the title.

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There were a few bright spots from the first weekend of preseason for those quarterbacks.

Lance threw an 80-yard touchdown pass.

Jones went 13/19 for 87 yards and showed some nice command from the pocket at times.

Wilson completed 6/9 passes for 63 yards on the night against the Giants.

Fields was 14/20 and scrambled for 33 yards with two total touchdowns.

And lastly, Lawrence was 6/9 for 71 yards in a smooth performance against the Browns in his first preseason matchup.

These five rookies will have the chance to write their own legacies. Let’s not jump the gun on these guys before we can truly see what their NFL ceiling will be.