Twitter Halts Verification Process After Giving Fake Accounts Official Approval

Twitter has paused its verification system after mistakenly verifying a number of fake accounts. At the same time the platform was giving bots the coveted blue checkmark of verification, conservatives facing fake copycats were not granted the same privilege.

The Verge reports that Twitter has suspended its verification program temporarily after verifying a number of fake accounts that appeared to be part of a botnet. Users that recently applied for verification may still receive it as existing applications continue to be processed, but new applications will not be considered.

Twitter Halts Verification Process After Giving Fake Accounts Official Approval


Twitter has not stated that its criteria for approving the verification of accounts has changed, but it can be assumed that the company will be paying much closer attention to the authenticity of the accounts applying to receive a blue checkmark.

We’ve temporarily hit pause on rolling out access to apply for Verification so we can make improvements to the application and review process.

For those who have been waiting, we know this may be disappointing. We want to get things right, and appreciate your patience.

— Twitter Verified (@verified) August 13, 2021

Twitter has previously suspended its verification program, putting the process on hold in 2017. The verification program was paused after Twitter received backlash for verifying one of the organizers behind the Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville. In 2021, a revamped version of the verification system was launched and promptly paused just one week later due to the sheer volume of requests.

Twitter says that the purpose of its blue checkmark is to ensure users that the account they’re viewing is “authentic, notable, and active,” but many see the blue checkmark as almost an endorsement from the platform. In many cases, Twitter also treats it that way by often removing blue checkmarks from accounts that violate its rules.

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